Dunedin Midwinter Carnival 2013
2013 Midwinter Carnival a 'Journey of Discovery'

This year’s giant lanterns include a sailing ship, a double hulled ocean going waka and a hot air balloon. For the first time the Carnival will also include wearable lanterns performed in by stilt walkers.


Photography by Dave Curtis

Light Birds

Butterfly Catchers

Girl and Fish

Lanterns 1

Flag and Stilts

Light and Smoke


Lanterns 2

Kids and Lantern

Light Boats in Octagon

Birds and Lantern

Lanterns 3

Man and Lantern

Photographer in the way

Girl and Lantern 2

Girl and Lantern 3

Kids having Fun

Waka down Stuart Street

Butterfly Catchers 2

Butterfly Catchers 3

Butterfly Catchers 4

Kids and Lanterns

Light boat down Stuart Street

Light Balloon

Light Balloon 2

Hot Chocolate

Mulled Wine 1

Mulled Wine 2