Europe 2012
These images were taken with a Canon 5D3 and Zeiss primes lenses (21mm f2.8, 35mm f1.4, 50mm MP and 100mm MP)

I enjoy 'shooting street' with manual primes. For this type of work the Zeiss 35mm f1.4 is problably my favourite lens with it's classical rendition when shot wide open.

In 2012 I travelled to Istanbul, Santorini, Italy and Crete.


Photography by Dave Curtis

Mannequins, Istanbul 2013

Istanbul 2013

Rubbish on the Move, Istanbul 2013

Gold anyone ?, Istanbul 2013

Evening Melon, Istanbul 2012

Doing it Hard, Istanbul 2012

Pepsi on the Move, Istanbul 2012

Fisherman, Istanbul 2012

Corn on the Cob, Istanbul 2012

Seaguls and sunset, Istanbul 2012

Underground Light, Istanbul 2013

Evening Orange Juice,Istanbul 2012

Pay Up, Istanbul 2012

Blue Mosque, Istanbul 2012

Happy,I stanbul 2012

Evening Mosque, Istanbul 2012

Blue Mosque, Istanbul 2012

Kebab, Istanbul 2012

Apple Tea Payment, Istanbul 2012

Simit, Istanbul 2013

Ice Cream, Istanbul 2013

Tram, Istanbul 2013

Juice, Istanbul 2013

Fishing in the Bosphorus, Istanbul 2013

Istanbul 2013

Santorini Donkeys, Santorini 2012

Man in White, Santorini 2012

Lady in Black, Santorini 2012

Fishing Boat, Rethymno, Crete 2012

Fisherman, Chania Crete 2012,

Old Boat, Chania Crete 2012,

Old Mosque, Chania Crete 2012,

Chania Harbour, Chania Crete 2012,

Old Man with Crutch, Naples 2012

Back Street Lane, Naples 2012

Down Town Naples, Naples 2012

Morning Light in the Galleria Umberto, Naples 2012

Neon and Washing, Naples 2012

Fisherman and Mussels, Naples 2012

Naples Boats, Naples 2012

Street Dancers, Naples 2012

Atrani at night, Atrani Italy 2012

Still Life, Amalfi 2012

Cycling, Sorrento 2012

Busking Jazz, Sorrento Italy 2012

Fishing Net, Sorrento Italy 2012

Mending Fishing Net, Sorrento Italy 2012

Old Lady and Scooter, Sorrento Italy 2012

Fisherman, Sorrento Italy 2012

Man on Yellow Seat, Sorrento Italy 2012

High Heals, Sorrento 2013

Having a Drink, Sorrento Italy 2012

Market Bike, Rome 2012

Market Action, Rome 2012

Graffiti Train, Rome 2012

Watering the Roses, Naples 2013